Monday, October 22, 2007

"Home at last..................!" or "Attack of the Ants!!"

OMG!!! I am soooo glad to be home!

DO NOT take your 1 year old camping - at least not in Texas where everything bites back! From fire ants, to mesquite, to stickers, to cactus, to scorpions, to mosquitoes, to rattle snakes, to chile pequins.... Danger was everywhere! So my poor son pretty much spent most of his time sitting in the tent with me and/or Daddy all day and night. And napping in the tent in 90 something degree weather - oh let me tell you - October isn't fall in Texas till the sun goes down and the temps plummet. Freeze all night and sweat all day! Whee what fun - NOT!

We bought a nice big new tent for this trip... the evil fire ants squeezed through the seams in the bottom of the tent at 3am the first night, swarmed the air matress my son and I slept on and attacked us. We were sent scurrying to sleep cramped in the back of the car the rest of the night. My son was quite comfy as he slept on top of me. I however.... anyway...

The next day we sprayed all kinds of stuff on the tent seams and treated the mounds and even put duct tape over all the seams. We thought we were safe... and for one night we were. Apparently they had only paused to plot their revenge - and this time with reinforcements! Because on the third night they chewed through the tarp, through the tent, and through the duct tape to once again swarm our bed and attack us!! Once again we scurried into the back of the car... this time with less bedding as too much of it was covered in ants. So Mommy was a bit colder... to make things worse - when Daddy shut us in by closing the back hatch - he apparently didn't slam it hard enough. After 20 minutes the auto-locking mechanism apparently kicked in... because every time my foot pressed against the hatch - the car alarm went off and disabled my car - I am NOT kidding!! Its 3am, I'm freezing, sleeping with my knees up and a baby on my chest, barely covered by a blanket, with all kinds of uncomfortable things poking me in the back... and a fracking car alarm going off... my son and husband sleep happily through it - repeatedly! And the car keys are nowhere to be found... Finally at 7 am my son woke up all happy and refreshed, LOL! I popped the lock and set off the car alarm one more time - which absolutely seemed histerical to my son thank goodness, LOL! My dear husband meanwhile slept the rest of the night peacefully on his cot in the middle of the tent unbothered by the evil ants. I however didn't bring a cot because it hurts my back and my son might fall off, LOL! Considering how we ended up.... hmmm... maybe next time I'll bring a cot as a back up! But that next time will be a while!

We dragged ourselves out of there late last night and just stayed at a hotel to recover enough to make the drive home. My poor husband had to do all the set up and tear down himself since I had to basically carry my son continuously to protect him from everything around him. He was soooo exhausted by the time we finally made it home. And we had to drive both cars to fit all the gear... I am happy to say that we had plenty of cloth diapers to make the whole trip, LOL! So at least there was a silver lining! Running out would have only made everything that much worse!!

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