Saturday, February 23, 2008

New longies are posted on HC

Well, I had to buy a whole new copy of Photoshop because of the crash, but I finally got the photos of the new longies (for the pattern) posted on HC. I am working on the pattern photos - getting them cropped and plugged into the pattern - yeah! Finally!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

OMG! Its alive!! LOL!

Our new website is online now at ! We haven't had our official Grand Opening yet, but it is up and running ;)

The demo longies are now done - pics yet to be posted on HC. The plan is to spend some time this week and on the weekend trying to finish up the pattern :)

My computer is put back together, although I can't find my photoshop installation disk - so photo manipulation is now a much longer process :( But we may just have to spring for another one... yikes!

Coming right along! Thanks for coming along for the ride - woohoo!


Friday, February 15, 2008

A tale of two websites

It has been a very full week! For those that may not have heard, I experienced a complete hard drive failure. I thought I had lost everything!! I was devastated to think I'd lost all my son's photos... not to mention the pattern, the website photos, all my data.... Luckily my wonderful Brother-In-Law, Austin, was able to retrieve all my data with his techy know-how. Now I have to find all my installation disks and reinstall all my programs on the new hard drive. I know its going to be slow and painful.... but at least it can be done!

In the meantime, Vikki and I have been doing several custom orders and working on streamlining production. The new site is about ready to go online and we've had to make some very hard decisions. Some changes were necessary in order to keep turn around times as reasonable as possible, quality high, and colorways as consistent as possible. We have decided that the new site will not carry yarns heavier than DK/ Light Worsted Weight. Heavier yarns take considerably more time and labor to dye. If we offer them on our new Dye-On-Demand site there will be no way for us to give reliable turn-around times. The Cestari's and Organic Gaia Merino will still be available on a limited basis, but ONLY through our Hyenacart in the form of either instock yarn or occasional custom slots. We have also decided to phase out the BFL yarns. There are many reasons for this - supply has been unreliable and slow, the minimum orders are three times as high, the overhead is high, and most especially the fact that the colors take in a much paler and less consistent way than the merinos. So - once our current supply is exhausted we will no longer carry BFL. That still leaves us with plenty to choose from! We feel we've made the best choices for our customers, and we hope you will love the new site :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

More yarn at Woolgirl!

We received another order from today! Another 90 skeins will be headed for her inventory in March, and she will be premiering our new Merino/Nylon fingering weight sock yarn as well as some sport weight Merino. Look for more of our most popular colorways to include Madi Lu, Medee, and Minoan Temple - and a brand new colorway! Impressionists Rainbow is a new colorway - the first designed by Vikki for the Family Pendragon collection. It's gorgeous! Vikki has several others that have yet to be added to our collection - due simply to lack of time, LOL! Be on the look out for some more lovely spring colorways from Vikki in the near future!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wow - so much going on!

Well, knock on wood, but I think the new website is going to be ready really soon. We're working on ideas to celebrate our grand opening.... any ideas out there?

The longies that are the subject of the photos for the Tunisian pattern are almost done... which means - yes - the photos are almost done! Then I just need to to get everything edited, cropped and put together so it can get tested.... that is where a few FP fans will come in ;)

Woolgirl has let us know that she NEEDS more Family Pendragon yarn, LOL! So as soon as that new order is in we will be hopping again around here - just dyeing up a storm!

We are also going to be adding a few new yarns to our selection soon. They will probably be premiering at with her next order!

I have some new colorways burning a hole in my head, and I want some new pics of some old colorways for our new website too. So that means we may be dyeing up some yarn for instock on our Hyenacart - more on that when it happens! You'll hear about it here first :)

Thanks again for being such great customers and friends!


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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sunday is the BIG day!

No not football :) YARN of course! is planning to stock our Family Pendragon sock yarn for the very first time - Yippee! Check it out here in the morning :)

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