Friday, February 15, 2008

A tale of two websites

It has been a very full week! For those that may not have heard, I experienced a complete hard drive failure. I thought I had lost everything!! I was devastated to think I'd lost all my son's photos... not to mention the pattern, the website photos, all my data.... Luckily my wonderful Brother-In-Law, Austin, was able to retrieve all my data with his techy know-how. Now I have to find all my installation disks and reinstall all my programs on the new hard drive. I know its going to be slow and painful.... but at least it can be done!

In the meantime, Vikki and I have been doing several custom orders and working on streamlining production. The new site is about ready to go online and we've had to make some very hard decisions. Some changes were necessary in order to keep turn around times as reasonable as possible, quality high, and colorways as consistent as possible. We have decided that the new site will not carry yarns heavier than DK/ Light Worsted Weight. Heavier yarns take considerably more time and labor to dye. If we offer them on our new Dye-On-Demand site there will be no way for us to give reliable turn-around times. The Cestari's and Organic Gaia Merino will still be available on a limited basis, but ONLY through our Hyenacart in the form of either instock yarn or occasional custom slots. We have also decided to phase out the BFL yarns. There are many reasons for this - supply has been unreliable and slow, the minimum orders are three times as high, the overhead is high, and most especially the fact that the colors take in a much paler and less consistent way than the merinos. So - once our current supply is exhausted we will no longer carry BFL. That still leaves us with plenty to choose from! We feel we've made the best choices for our customers, and we hope you will love the new site :)

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