Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Update on the longies pattern! And lots of other stuff....

The written version of the longies pattern is now to the test ready stage, however it needs pictures....  which means I need to make a set of NB longies in contrasting colors and get some really good photos of the stages of development and tricky spots. I have one more custom to do this month, and a couple sizeable dye orders - and then I will hopefully get Christmas gifts knocked out, LOL! I am leaving January pretty much open to figure out taxes and - theoretically get the pattern completed, and work toward revamping my site. Yarn prices will be going up. My manufacturers are raising prices and I will also be changing the price structure to make it easier on myself. Right now the PayPal fees, packaging fees, etc are lumped in with the shipping and it gets confusing. So I am going to go ahead and add them in with the item/yarn prices as I change the rates on the site. I am also trying to figure out how I am going to offer custom slots next year - and how many per month my son will let me do.... your suggestions are welcome. I have been thinking of doing all lottery for purchase slots for crochet and all custom slots for yarn. Also - as a side note - I did finally get the luscious Bulky BFL in!! It may be the last for a while due to supply issues from the UK. And - something to keep in mind when ordering future customs - thicker yarn equals fewer stitches which means faster turn around and a lower price for you :) I just completed a Large pair of longies using Cestari Aran weight yarn and instead of $89 - the labor ended up being just $40! And of course the Cestari Columbian Merino is very affordable, durable, plenty soft - and it only took 10.5 ounces!! I am so in love with that yarn :) Can you tell?? LOL! OK - enough 2AM rambling... time to go snuggle up with the cutest little boy in the world :)

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