Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A look at some of what I am up to...

Just thought I'd take a minute to share some of my current projects :)
First of all, this is one of the custom skeins we just finished that will ship out tomorrow. This is the 3rd time this combo has been requested and I love it too. Its almost Medee but without the black. So we will probably be adding it to the permanent colorway collection. I've asked it's new owner for a name suggestion!
And this is Kelly's custom under way - won't be long now :) This is Bulky BFL in a more vivid version of Pixie Petals. Oh so cute! There will be a butterfly on them when they are all done :)
And here is something I whipped up the other night while waiting for other yarn to dry. It is a Tunisian halter top with Tunisian shell stitch (think thats right), Tunisian simple stitch, Tunisian reverse stitch and Tunisian knit stitch. It is in the Pixie Petals colorway. I am just needing to add a pretty button so the neck is adjustable.

This is another halter I have going with my own custom yarn that is almost the same as the first one except the colors are in a slightly different order. And another something I whipped up while waiting for yarn to dry - using a bunch of what I had laying around, LOL!

Custom crocheting continue into the wee hours each night ;) And next week we wrap up custom dyes and start on Woolgirl!

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