Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stocking Date Set!

Okey dokey! Things are coming along nicely, and I am beginning to work on listings :) I am setting the stocking date for Thursday, Feb 19th at 8am EST. This will be my Spring Cleaning Sale! Cleaning out as much of my inventory as I can before going fairly dormant, LOL! The day of the stocking everything is being offered in sets, and marked down $2 per skein. Each listing will be a "HOLD" type of listing which allows you to put it in your cart if you are stalking an item and still get other items as well rather than having to create several different orders using the "Buy It Now" button. You will see a timer letting you know how long until it will be put back in stock if you have not checked out with it. Yahoo Group members will also be sent a coupon for another 10% OFF!

The day AFTER the one day Spring Cleaning Sale I will re-list all unsold items as individual skeins, but they will be listed at full price. The 10% off coupon will still be good however through the end of March :)

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