Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trying to pay the mortgage Sale!

As you know, my husband lost his job this week, so I am trying to raise funds to pay the mortgage and electric bill this month. So I'm having a sale! Also, the custom slot is not selling so I am reverting it to a normal slot if anyone is interested.

Sale Details! The Tinker Bells soaker below includes the shipping and insurance :)

And since the skeins of Gaia I thought were 4 really fluffy ounce turned out to be 8 ounces, LOL! You can now use $4 HC per skein to purchase them. Buy more than one item and get an extra dollar per item off your order. For example, buy this fabulous one-of-a-kind sock yarn

and the pattern and you can save $5 on the pattern with the coupon code available on my Yahoo Group , spend $2HC on the skein and get $2 off for buying 2 items. You just saved $9! Add an 8 oz skein of Gaia Organic Merino like this one

and you can add another $5 savings - $4HC and $1 for having a third item!

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Aleda said...

Keep up the good work.