Monday, April 7, 2008


Update on the situation at Family Pendragon... my husband has still had no luck on the job front and now my son needs $1600 worth of dental surgery for his front teeth which broke when he fell in the driveway. So when it rains... yep, it pours. We made it through March, and will make it through April thanks to our loyal HC customers. Hoping to get halfway through May if needed thanks to the stimulus check... but praying he gets a job waaaay before then. If I am not online much it is because we are scrimping on energy usage - we are now using only solar lights and fans that my husband rigged up with solar panels and stuff he's been collecting for the last 4 years. Hoping to make a dent in our $400 a month energy bill! He also got around to putting up my clothes line (AKA solar clothes dryer) finally which also should help. So there are some advantages to the fact that he's unemployed, LOL! I have to try to see the good side or I'll go nuts. So, just trying to keep my chin up and my head above water.... this too shall pass.

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