Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another big change...

For those that don't know what has been going on with our family... my 2 year old son has been having some health issues. Nothing life threatening, we are in many ways very fortunate that his problems only involve his teeth. However, due to severe enamel problems he is having to go under general anesthesia for a second time to have more work done. The first time last April was horribly traumatic. So we aren't excited to go through it again. As a mother, I am of course trying to find the cause and solution to this problem. In spite of the near death experience that was his entry into this world, we are assured his issues are not the result of any of the medications or procedures he had or I had. Given that, and the knowledge that it is not a lock of hygiene. The next culprit I looked at was diet. While we were not perfect, I did think I was doing pretty well by him. Thanks to a very informative thread on Mothering I came to the realization that what I thought was a healthy diet was actually quiet poor. While I may never know if diet was to "blame" for his problem, along with excess fluoride in our water. What I do know is that there is a chance that I can stop and potentially reverse the damage through the diet found in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook and Weston A Price website. However, there is no way that I can continue to operate my business in any responsible way and give to my son the full and concentrated effort he now needs. I am running all over North Texas to locate and purchase the things needed for this diet. I am cooking intricate meals that require planning and coddling for days at a time. My kitchen has become a virtual science lab with jars of kombucha, kefir, fil mjilk, whey, and fermented vegetables. I've tossed out the microwave and invested in a monstrous freezer to stock up. My life must now revolve around healing my son. So... I am closing up shop. will soon be gone, when I have the time to figure out how to close it. will be restocked with only the sweater stones and pattern. I can imagine that a few times a year I may be able to stock some yarn or a custom or two. But it will be a rare occurrence I imagine, and will be announced through the blog and yahoo group. If you have a custom with me, have no fear, I do not let people down :) I am a little slower than normal, but I am reliable. I have loved creating for you. Thank you for the joy it brought me. I will miss you all very much. But I must be a mommy first :)



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