Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Details of our regimen

Thanks for everyone's well wishes. I surely will let you know how its going :) So far the xylitol mints and everything else we are doing has had one noticeable effect on his teeth. One of his incisors which is still coming in had immediately decalcified upon emergence. It turned powdery white and began to dissolve like the others had. It has since stopped turning white and actually begun returning to the proper color which is a sign of remineralization - or healing itself. So that is giving me much hope.

For those that wanted more information, here is what we are doing:

Drinking and cooking with only reverse osmosis filtered water (we fill up the big bottles at Walmart and bought a simple lead free water crock on ebay).

Brushing with Spry xylitol non-fluoride tooth paste after every meal or more.

Giving him about 15 Ricochet xylitol mints (chocolate, punch and lemon lime flavored) from per day through out the day

Drinking only raw organic milk from pastured cows, no homogenization or pasteurization - ditto on the cheese found through
Minimal organic juice - only used to mix a small amount with his Fermented Cod Liver oil from Green pastures each morning

High vitamin raw butter oil from pastured cows processed as per Weston Price

Vitamins and mineral supplements crushed up in his food. The Bio-Dent and Catalyn from Standard Process

Organic pastured farm fresh eggs from my best friend Vikki
Organic pastured meats from local sources and coops

Organic veggies and fruits from coops and local sources

All grain products are made from grains I grind fresh with my new magic bullet from Walmart since I can't yet afford a real grain mill.

I process grains as specified in Nourishing traditions by presoaking them in kefir etc over night.

I am making and giving him daily fresh kefir, fil mjilk yogurt, home made cream cheese and a little bit of kombucha all purchased initially from Nick's Natural Nook

I am cooking everything in lots of butter as well as virgin cold pressed olive oil and coconut oil available from Radiant Life.

I am using Celtic or other nourishing salts in my seasoning.
For sweeteners we are using Raw Honey, maple syrup and Rapadura.

On its way in the mail from I also have Dr. Collins Restore remineralizing toothpaste and an ionic tooth brush we will start using on him.

If any of this information can help anyone, I am very happy to share it. It is the result of pretty exhaustive research :) Much information is from the Weston A Price site and the cookbook Nourishing Traditions

I have incidentally lost 13 pounds so far in the last couple weeks without any real effort since making this diet change and taking the cod liver oil and butter oil. Which is a nice little bonus for all my hard work ;)

Best wishes to everyone else dealing with this mess,


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