Friday, September 7, 2007

All done!

Finished up Cynthia's longies tonight - just need to block, lanolize and get them drying tomorrow. Very happy with how they turned out! Its so much fun to use yarn I dyed myself :)

All my new dyeing stuff came in the mail and I am just desperate to try it out - but I have so many customs due I just can't get the time :( What a great problem to have though, LOL!

I have several skeins of seconds that I could stock, and the newborn longies - but I'd like to wait till I have more to offer. I was suddenly having a heck of a time with my dyes - everything kept coming out with these weird specks. After creating quite a few seconds I finally figured out that my dye particles were falling out of the stock solutions in my blue based colors. So the yarn that I dyed before that moment of enlightenment has some darker spots and some specks on it... Live and learn. I got a couple neat books and new dyes and other goodies in several days ago and have hardly so much as gotten to look in the box - LOL!

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