Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New colorway and collabs

Stephanie won the custom colorway auction and inspired a gorgeous (if I do say so myself, LOL!) new colorway called Kentucky Sundown which will be appearing in future stockings. She got the first though and all 9.2 oz are headed her way. Can't wait to see what she makes with it!

More news... I will be collaborating with Kristen of This Chick Knits
She will be premiering some new colorways ("Sabrina" and "Leo") as custom slots in her store as well as showcasing some familiar colorways. She has also been kind enough to work a trade with me so my sweet son will get a gorgeous new pair of longies in exchange for some of Mommy's yarn :) How is it we never have time to make enough goodies for our own kids? Also look for some collabs on my site where you'll be able to not only purchase yarn, but have the option of purchasing one of her custom slots with it! WAHMy fun - gotta love it!

And so that I can bring you proper swatches in the future (hopefully) my friend Vicki's little girl is kindly teaching me how to knit - OK she's trying anyway ;) Don't worry knitters - you have no competition here in the foreseeable future, LOL!

And just to see if anyone is paying attention - I am opening for customs briefly right now to fill up the rest of the year. I will not be announcing this elsewhere. Those waiting on the list to be on the list - you will now be on the list, LOL!

ETA: OK - I now have only 1 slot left in December - it will be offered at my next stocking 9/29/07 at 4PM as a lottery for purchase!

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