Sunday, September 9, 2007

Groovy Baby! Longies

So I spent tonight finishing up this absolutely fun pair of longies I am referring to as the Groovy Baby! longies, LOL! They are made with Marr Haven organic Merino/Rambouillet in my Medee colorway and finished off with green 100 Pure Wool 3 ply trim. I had fun coming up with the lacey scalloped edges for the legs. These are Mediums and will be stocked along with the NB longies and yarn as soon as I can get to my sister's house to get decent pictures :)

Oh heck - should I just stock it anyway with my crappy pictures? I don't know... Oh - I need to go to my sis's anyway to bring her longies to her that I added a ruffle to...

ETA - I did it - I am previewing a 9/14 stocking at 1PM :) I will try to get better pics before then ;)

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